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Welcome to Taper-Lok®

Zero Fugitive Emissions
Taper-Lok® pressure-energized connectors are engineered to provide the safest, most reliable seal of any bolted flange connection and offer unequaled design flexibility and engineering advantages.

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Weld Neck Assembly
The Weld Neck Assembly is a compact flange for both new piping construction and replacement of existing flanges

  Oil & Gas
Taper-Lok® has an outstanding record in both offshore and Subsea applications
Blind Closure Assembly
Blind assemblies are frequently used for both manways and containment connections on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipelines,and skid packages
Taper-Lok®, also, has an outstanding record in both onshore and refining applications
Double Male Adapter
The Double-Male Adapter is commonly used when converting an existing flange set up to the Taper-Lok® sealing technology
  Power Generation
Taper-Lok®’s excellent features compliment the Power Generation market in many ways like Fuel Line Distribution and Main Stream Service
Long Weld Neck Assembly
The long Weld Neck is typically used in pressure vessel applications
Taper-Lok® pressure-energized connections can be greatly utilized in the air and gas compression market
Piggable Wye
The Taper-Lok Piggable Wye begins as a block forging that can be customized in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical design for any of your pipeline applications.
  Heat Exchangers
Taper-lok connections were originally designed by Brown Fin Tubing to provide for a smaller, lighter, flange connection for use on their heat exchangers
Swivel Flange Assembly
This connection encompasses all of the features of a weld neck assembly but gives the ability to align boltholes with a simple rotation of the swivel ring
Taper-Lok® has a detailed history of working with leading suppliers of process systems for numerous products
MVL Flange Assembly
This product is typically used in subsea application between the flowline and riser piping
  Lethal Fluid
new engineering innovations that solved the toughest, most critical hard to hold applications
Spherical Misalignment Assembly
This technology is based on the “double ball joint” shape of the spherical male adapter, which allows for both axial and angular misalignment of piping
The unique design and advanced technology offered by Taper-Lok® flange connectors are suitable for any industry requiring bolted pipe connections
Misalignment Flange Assembly
The standard misalignment assembly (shown) allows up to 10-degrees of both axial and angular misalignment of piping
Clamp Connector
Taper-Lok Clamp Connector is one of several pressureenergized connectors engineered to provide specific solutions in specialized applications
3-Bolt Quick Assembly Swivel (QAS)
Assembly Swivel (QAS) is one of several pressure-energized connectors engineered to provide specific solutions in specialized applications
Zero Gap
This Taper-Lok connection has a landed male nose onto the female flange to eliminate the gap between the two flanges.
Heat Exchanger Closure
It is common practice to design and build large diameter, high-pressure heat exchangers with a welded diaphragm plate to seal the channel opening. 

Peak Performance…Under Peak Pressure
Taper-Lok® is acknowledged as the world leader in pressure energized, metal-to-metal flange sealing technology and has provided “leak-free” products to some of the most extreme oil and gas exploration, discovery, and transfer environments, in addition to upstream, refining, and petro-chemical plants in the world.

While providing a high integrity seal under extreme environment, the smaller, light-weight, bolted connections have successfully withstood the rigors of cryogenic applications, supercritical steam, hydrogen gas, heat transfer fluids, hydrogen sulfide, low molecular weight gases and a multitude of other “hard-to-hold” materials.

Taper-Lok® pressure-energized connectors are engineered to provide the safest, most reliable connection of any bolted flange and offer unequaled design flexibility and engineering advantages.

  • Meets or exceeds ASME code, Section VIII
  • Can be tailored to meet unique project requirements
  • Minimized Size & Weight Profiles, significantly lighter and smaller than conventional flanges
  • Manufactured to customer specified materials
  • Reusable, high integrity seal
  • Self-aligning and centering tapered metal seal ring allows up to 2° axial pipe misalignment on a standard connection.  Special models designed up to 10°-20° misalignment
  • Sizes range from ½” to 83”, up to 40,000 psi, and temperatures from -350° to 1,600°F
  • Seal ring is typically made of the same material as the mating flanges; eliminate thermal expansion / contraction concerns
  • Suitable for lethal fluids and critical services
  • Easy to assemble, simple to install, less expensive to ”fit-up”
  • Visible seal for quick inspection
  • Lower torque requirements, Smaller stud diameter
  • Safety & Environmental Advantage, In compliance with the 1990 Clean Air Act
  • Zero Fugitive Emissions (get in touch with fugitive emission testing companies)
  • Connections withstand high external loads, dynamic loading, cyclical thermals, and has limited corrosion
  • Significant reduction in installation and downtime cost
  • Field repairable
  • Benefits in reducing inventory

Taper-Lok® Service Commitment

Your company requires a service commitment that does not end with installation.  Taper-Lok® provides complete field services training, installation and field repair instructions, product design and life cycle support, design calculations, and project management support, while guaranteeing leak-free service for the life of your connector.  Our oldest installed connector in the field has been operating Leak-Free for over 200 million hours or 26 years without failure, and counting.


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